No glory in the process










Hello there!

My seventeenth year resolution was to start a blog! I was so assertive about this decision since last year. So, I am turning 18 on February 19th, which is tomorrow. Seems like it’s about time to begin this new experience. Have I been an indubitable procrastinator this year? Well…yes. But I have so many aspirations and ideas I can’t wait to share.

Now, why have I created my website?

Firstly, I enjoy blogging, taking pictures and document my thoughts! As simple as that 🙂

Secondly, I feel like doing something creative will prevent me from becoming a narrow-minded philistine…

Finally, it might impact my life in a positive way (fingers crossed)

This post is dedicated to my recent trip to Paris, the city that makes me want to work harder and inspires me to produce something beautiful. I wore faux fur vest, turtleneck sweater from Zara; ripped jeans and hat from Topshop, and Chanel sneakers

I also filmed a YouTube video! Check it out:

Jam of the week: “Telegraph Avenue” by Childish Gambino




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