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Boots: Balenciaga/ Bag: Kenzo Kalifornia

Sooner than in a month one of the most stressful and nerve-wracking periods of my life will come to an end. I’ve never been as excited about my future as I am now, mostly because I have no idea what it holds. All these dreams and warm weather help me deal with anxiety. Honestly, I can’t even believe that I’ll be done with school next week. Which means there are more posts and videos to come. xx

So recently I’ve been into wearing all black and white. I’m obsessed with shirts like this one from TopShop. And these ripped mom jeans (from TopShop as well) have not come off of me since I got them. Also, having to say goodbye to coats, gloves, tights makes me absolutely ecstatic! I finally get to wear sunglasses and basically anything that doesn’t make me look like a sweet potato xx


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