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Urban outfitters dress // Adidas Superstar sneakers // Ray Ban sunglasses // Michael Kors watches

This was literally shot on the last warm day 😦 I do not care which season it is, unless it’s kind of hot. This summer turned out to be low-key and I still NEED sun. So catch me in Venice, Italy tomorrow 😉

Let’s talk about the outfit. I would never post a ridiculous splurging look that I wouldn’t wear the same day. That’s why I take my camera whenever I go out somewhere or travel and have the pictures of my real style taken. I have recently found out that a T-shirt dress is one of the most convenient and comfortable pieces of my closet. It looks cool and put-together. Monochrome is my obsession right now, so I’ve decided to pair this oversized black and white Urban Outfitters dress with classic Adidas Superstar sneakers. I wore my hair natural (just got out of the pool look)

Also, I can not help, but mention music this week. The Weeknd released a new album! I could literally talk about it for hours, but I don’t want to sound like another hipster, who’s been a fan since day one or before it became ‘popular’ to be in the XO army. Anyways, the songs are amazing, lyrics are life. ‘Beauty behind madness’ features Lana Del Rey! Seriously?! What could be better? I’m beyond happy that new tracks still have that same The Weeknd vibe. Go check it out




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