Bomber H&M // Flannel Brandy Melville // Shirt Zara // Skirt Michael Kors // Socks Baron Von Fancy // Shoes Balenciaga // Glasses H&M

It’s Spring time here in NYC! There’s literally nothing better than warm weather, sun and calming sounds of the ocean. DUMBO is a unique place. It combines urban, vibrant feel of the buisy city and spectacular quietness that comes from the water. I think that this is a beautiful contradiction. 

This concept was the idea behind my outfit. I wore a very feminine feather skirt (which I adore) with a delicate lacy top and I threw this baggy flannel on with a black laid-back bomber. I have lately been feeling the jusxtappostion in my outfits. This is what truly makes styling exciting. “Matching unmatchable” is tough, but pretty rewarding. 

Those Balenciagas are my go-to. To spice up the regular cut-out look, I paired them with “So Fancy” long socks. Black shoes, white socks – why not? 🙂

Moreover, this place is as hipster as it gets, which is totally awesome! A MUST see.

Pictures by amazing photographer @dearjorge 📸 check him out on Instagram 

                   Xoxo Nadya❤️


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