My Morning Routine // Fall 2016

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Good morning everyone! So now that I am back to school my morning starts pretty early. Normally, I would wake up at 7:30 am, have a tall glass of water and proceed with my bathroom routine.

As you already know I am a La Roche-Posay #BeClearAmbassador and I am trying out all the new products from their facial line. As you might remember from the previous post, I talked about my favorites, one of which is Effaclar Gel Cleanser face wash. After using it my skin feels tighter and more awake.  Then, I apply Effaclar Duo Action Acne Treatment to my most problematic spots and Toleriane Ultra works best under my eyes. I love how delicate and soft this moisturizer is. And since I recently got this cute little travel set, I simply throw it in my backpack and use Thermal Spring Water if needed.

I like to take it easy in the morning and enjoy my breakfast. When I don’t have tennis practice (which I do almost every day, since we are in the middle of the season with our FIT team), I prefer to eat something light and tasty, like a banana-strawberry smoothie with peanut butter and pumpkin spice almond milk (it’s fall yall!).

While enjoying my breakfast, I like watching my favorite Russian TV show – The Fashion Verdict. I’m obsessed! If you’re Russian, you are probably judging me right now and thinking that I’m either 56 and retired or just simply weird. But let me tell you, this show is bomb and they sure know what they are doing with fashion.

After my desired alone time, I pick out clothes for the day and pack my school bag. Well, there’s one significant step in a girl’s morning routine that is missing here and it is makeup. I don’t do my makeup in the mornings. There are two reasons for that, one: I’m lazy, two: I like the natural look. If my skin is clear and my complexion looks healthy overall, why bother with layers of foundation and powder? You can achieve that natural glow if you look after your skin and put enough effort into loving your body. Treat it right. Drink water, wash your face and be happy!


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