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Hoodie Urban Outfitters // Skirt Urban Outfitters // Shoes H&M // Socks Brandy Melville

February. This Aquarius/fashion/my birthday month is coming to an end. Even though I generally love February, this was a decent month, let’s just state it that way. NYC weather, however, couldn’t be  making us any happier. (it is currently +17C outside (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:✧)

All black everything is a staple for New York, but when you add matching lipstick to the look – things get serious. All of a sudden, some people start staring as if you are a devoted goth causing public disturbance, or even a satanist on vacation. uhmm.. wrong!

This not-so-new hoodie trend has been all over the place recently and my advice is: jump on it immediately!! It’s comfy, easy to style and trendy. What more do you need?! Wear hoodies as dresses with knee-high boots if you are a little more daring, or with slip dresses and skirts for a more traditional look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match.This type of ‘athleasure’ is not just an item from your regular gym outfit. It is a street style must-have.  Hoodies can work for both 15 and 55 if you style them  correctly.

And now I am off to a hunt for Russian blinys with condenced milk! wish me luck…