– Fahrenheit


Brandy Melville jeans // Brandy Melville t-shirt // Topshop tights // Dr. Martens shoes // Zara jacket

I enjoy being a little extra 🙂 Don’t we all in one way or another? My kind of extra is challenging my inner insecurities and proving myself that I can pull off the craziest trends. Like this one. Fishnet tights. In red. Yes…

Not all understand and I am totally cool with that. If people don’t approve of what you like, remember that you don’t have to obey their standards.

When I know that my outfit looks plain and when there is no zest to it, I get a little anxious (especially in fashion school). So to spice things up,  I get a little nifty (lol at my vocab). Totally off-topic: I consider vocabulary and finding funky words my hobby. Just so you know.        Anyway, I’ve made cut outs in my Brandy Melville mom jeans and paired them with fishnets. This cherry tee is very playful. Green docs made this outfit extra 90’s. We’re all obsessed with that decade, right?

Btw, this impromptu photoshoot happened to be on a snow day in the middle of march… Now I’m going out there: to the freezing & slushy NYC. ✌️


Nadya Zz


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