Out Of The Deep Blue

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Tbh I really hate talking about myself, about my future and my past. One of the reasons it that I’m not content with who I am today. And, I don’t think I’ll ever be. I hate to brag or to whine for that matter. I’m a reticent person, but it’s not a bad thing at all.

At this exact moment I consider my life to be quite boring. Though I have these cheesy quotes that are supposed to cheer me up pinned to my cork board, calling on to just hang in there and wait for exciting times. My last year of high school is coming to an end. I have mixed feelings. The boundless eagerness to leave this place confronts with some sweet wistful moments that we were having with my classmates the other day. We witnessed the lunar eclipse of the sun, we got caught in the hallway, wearing sunglasses while sneaking some smuggled pastries. It got me thinking that I should prevent the negative vibes from emerging to the surface of my mood and start appreciating little things that slip unnoticed through ever day of my life. Exactly these happy little moments will be cherished in the future and some dreadful ones will be forgotten. I may not like where I am now. I may think about the future too much. But I should not miss out on my life.

I just thought of another quote to add to my inspirational board: “I am here to have some fun”. This will remind me to make the most out of everyday. Eventually I figured out one of the rules of my life: I want to make as many pleasant memories with as many great people as I can. Isn’t it what makes our lives truly amazing?

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